(Contains 39 photos)
Abandoned America portfolio Most of the images within this gallery appear in my recent book "Abandoned On The Plains; Fragments Of An American Dream". This is a sequel to the very successful and highly praised "Ghosts In The Wilderness".
(Contains 24 photos)
Workshops in The Purbecks portfolio This gives you an idea of some of the locations you will visit if you do a workshop in The Purbecks with Tony Worobiec. For a 1-2-1 course, prices start at just £160.
(Contains 20 photos)
Abstract Photographs portfolio As a trained Fine Artist specialising in painting, I thought it was about time I produced a sequence of "non-figurative" images, so here we are.
(Contains 35 photos)
Coastal Britain portfolio Images taken of the coast of Great Britain and Ireland.
(Contains 24 photos)
American Landscape portfolio Images of America, some from well known locations, others not so well known.
(Contains 19 photos)
Monochrome Landscape Europe portfolio Taken largely in Britain but some in Europe, these images also reveal the structure and the natural rhythms of landscape.
(Contains 23 photos)
Route 66 portfolio If you love Americana, you cannot help but admire the wonderful iconic features that still exist on this fabled highway.
(Contains 14 photos)
American Icons portfolio Icons of the Highway - A sequence of photographs depicting iconic American buildings of the 40's, 50's and 60's. See details of book on Amazon.
(Contains 17 photos)
Monochrome Landscape America portfolio These monochrome images of American landscape focusing primarily on the structure of the land and the rhythms it creates.
(Contains 23 photos)
European Landscape portfolio Most of these images have been taken in the UK, in Spain and in Ireland. These will also feature in Tony's new book on landscape.
(Contains 21 photos)
Bad Weather portfolio "Photographing Landscape; Whatever the Weather" is the subject of my most recent book. Copies can be bought for £17.50, (to include p&p), by contacting me on this website, or alternatively on Amazon.
(Contains 18 photos)
The Urban Environment portfolio Interesting landscapes can also be found in relatively unlikely places, particularly in commercial or industrial areas.
(Contains 12 photos)
Panoramic Landscape portfolio The panoramic format suits landscape possibly more than any other genre because our eyes naturally scan the horizon.