New Gallery; Still Life.
01st November 2012
I have just added a new gallery dedicated to still life. I anticipate that many of these new images will be exhibited as part of the forthcoming Arena exhibition at the Meniers Gallery,London, in June 2013.
My latest book on Photoshop techniques is now available.
31st July 2012
My newest book "Creative Photography Ideas; using Adobe Photoshop" published by David & Charles (F&W Media International) is now in print. Presented in 75 easy to follow workshops, it progesses from a simple presentation of fundamental Photoshop tools such as Curves and Levels, through to sophisticated composite work; hopefully something for everyone.
My first venture into ebooks.
31st July 2012
As a prelude to my latest book with F&W Media on Photoshop techniques, a series of 4 ebooks are being made available starting in August; the following titles will be released as follows.

Creative Photography Ideas using Adobe Photoshop: Making Simple Tonal and Colour Changes – August pub date

Creative Photography Ideas using Adobe Photoshop: Mono Effects and Retro Photography – September pub date

Creative Photography Ideas using Adobe Photoshop: Creative Use of Filters and Further Image Manipulation – October pub date

Creative Photography Ideas using Adobe Photoshop: Composites and Further Special Effects – November pub date

For further details, go the F&W website on
Two new books from Tony Worobiec.
15th June 2012
Tony has been working on two further books; the first which will be due out later this year is called Creative Photography Ideas Using Adobe Photoshop and aims to do "precisely what it says on the tin". It seeks to cover many of the standard Photoshop techniques, but also explores a variety of more creative techniques.

The second is one he has been planning for several years and will be published next year. Titled "Photography and the Art of Composition",there are no prizes for guessing what this one is about. It is hoped that this will be an intelligent overview of how we as photographers compose our images and seeks to place the subject within the context of the other visual arts, particularly painting and graphic design.

Both books will be published by F&W Media, (David and Charles).
New Gallery; Panoramic Landscape.
21st February 2012
I have added one further gallery to this website, one which is dedicated entirely to panoramic landscape. I sincerely hope you enjoy it.
Industrial Wastelands; a new gallery on website
18th August 2011
Often ignored by landscape photographers, areas of heavy industry are fascinating places, both in daytime and at night. I do hope you are able to visit this new gallery
Published internationally.
20th February 2011
The highly successful "Night and Low Light Photography", which is in it's second edition, has recently been published in Mandarin, Taiwanese, Russian and Polish.
New website.
20th February 2011
I have finally decided to launch my own website. I do hope that you visit it regularly, and please leave a comment, even if it is critical.